As leadership consultants, we operate in a crowded global market, which can create challenges in selecting the right partner to work with.

To help us stand out, Deep C differentiates itself along three dimensions:
people, approach and ethos:


What makes us different

Our People

Our coaches and consultants come from diverse professional backgrounds, while sharing three qualities in common:

Business Psychologists
Business Psychology informs the way in which we consult and coach for change. We offer an alternative – but complementary – contribution to that provided by talent and leadership firms, management consultancies and internal HR/OD.

Commercial Experience
Our people have typically held positions of leadership responsibility in commercial organisations. We understand the commercial pressures and trade-offs leaders may face and can readily switch between their business agenda and associated people challenges.

We balance the use of research-based techniques with commercial pragmatism. We avoid the latest ‘fads’ and incorporate new research into our work, evaluate our practice and maintain academic links.

Our Approach

There are three hallmarks characteristic of our approach:

Deep Work
Our approach to consulting, coaching and change addresses the hidden dynamics that shape leadership behaviour and organisational effectiveness and which impact on business success.

Systemic Perspective
We look at how the whole organisational system is enabling or disabling effective leadership. We are skilled at supporting clients to recognise, understand and manage their organisation’s ‘shadow side’.

Holistic Development
We incorporate a holistic model of wellbeing in our development work with leaders, so that they can bring more of themselves to their leadership roles.

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